Dr. Erickson was born in Loma Linda, California and raised in the quiet suburbs of Portland, Oregon. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in History from Yale University, where he studied East Asian history and was active in the Yale Glee Club. Afterwards he returned to Portland and obtained a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, which he put to use as a mental health professional working with the underserved in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Seeking ever greater challenges, he attended The Ohio State University College of Medicine where he developed both a passion for ophthalmology and a basic knowledge of college football while watching OSU win the National Championship. Dr. Erickson is happy to be back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is thrilled to be doing his residency training at the University of Washington Department of Ophthalmology. Of note, Dr. Erickson currently holds the world record for the longest non‐stop arcade marathon, achieved during a public charity event in which he played Star Wars for over 54 continuous hours.

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