Joan & Gordon Bergy, MD Lecture in Vision Science

April 5, 2018                   Alapakkam Sampath, PhD "Rod Photoreceptor Function Following Bright, Bleaching Light Exposure"

March 15, 2018                Vladimir Kefalov, PhD    "Calcium homeostasis in mammalian photoreceptors"

December 14, 2017          P. Michael Iuvone, PhD  "Dopamine, Circadian Clocks, and Visual Function & Dysfunction"

September 28, 2017        Jack Werner, PhD           "High-resolution imaging of the chorioretinal complex"

April 21, 2017                 Maureen McCall, PhD       "Diverse glycinergic receptor subunits & retinal ganglion cell visual function"

February 24, 2017            William Beltran, DVM, PhD "Gene Therapy for retinitis pigmentosa: to knockdown and/or to replace can sometimes be the question"

December 9, 2016            Richard Lang, PhD            "The case for light-emitting lingerie: Opsins 3, 4 and 5"

February 12, 2016            Jonathan Demb, PhD     "Synaptic mechanisms for visual computation in retinal circuitry"

April 10, 2015                     Joseph Carroll, PhD         "Advances in Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging"

March 3, 2015                    Marie Burns, PhD             "Regulation of photoreceptor signaling - from single photons to light damage"

March 14, 2014                  Vadim Arshavsky, PhD   "Proteasomal overload as a common stress factor in retinal degeneration"

February 7, 2014               Dennis Clegg, PhD           "Making Stem Cells Retinal and Vice-versa: Development of a Cellular Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration"

January 10, 2014               Samer Hattar, PhD           "Retinal and brain circuits underlying light effects on behavior"

January 11, 2013               John Flannery, PhD         "Directed evolution of viral vectors for retinal gene therapy"