• Dec092016

    Richard Lang is an internationally known researcher into normal and abnormal anterior segment development and the impact of various gene defects on it. Major research interests in the lab are mechanisms of signaling and morphogenesis in early eye development as well as the role macrophages play in regulating vascularity during development andhomeostasis.


    Additional research interestsinclude:

         Wnt ligands intumorigenesis

         Vascular regression and tissueregeneration

         Lens induction andmorphogenesis


    Please join us for elucidation of the tongue-­‐in-­‐cheek title of this talk,  celebrating  the day.

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12/09/2016 - 12/09/2016
UW Medicine SLU - E130 Auditorium

UW Medicine SLU 

E130 Auditorium