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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Summer 2018 edition of the Department of Ophthalmology InSight Newsletter.


Featured Stories 

Recognizing 40-years of Service in Teaching and Practice: Dr. James Kinyoun

Dedicated physician and teacher, Dr. James Kinyoun announces retirement in January 2019.


Spotlight: Puget Sound VA Hospital Ophthalmology

Outstanding service at the Puget Sound VA Hospital provides high quality care as well as excellent opportunity for trainees.

UW Multidisciplinary Team Establishes Intracranial Hypertension Clinic

Through coordinated efforts in ophthalmology, neurology and neurosurgery clinics, grateful patient donates funds to help establish the UW multidisciplinary intracranial hypertension clinic.


UW Ophthamology Junior Faculty Win National Career Development Awards

Ophthalmology junior faculty win prestigious career development awards.



UW Medicine Eye Institute Videos

Learn more about the UW Medicine Eye Institute and services offered.