UW Medicine’s South Lake Union expansion provides collaborative opportunities to develop life-changing therapies and medical breakthroughs.

Construction on the 3rd phase of the South Lake Union research campus was completed in June 2013.  The seven story building houses over 130,000 square feet of research space.  The Vision Science Center at South Lake Union serves as an umbrella to bring together scientists from across departments to work on research that will lead to the discovery of next-generation tools for diagnosing, preventing, and treating all manner of eye disease.

  • Department of Ophthalmology

    Since its founding, the UW Medicine Department of Ophthalmology has been a leader in eye care and research. Our mission is to eliminate suffering from eye disease, both in our region and the wider world. We do this by providing the highest quality medical and surgical eye care for patients, seeking new knowledge and treatments for eye diseases through rigorous research, and preparing the next generation of physicians and vision scientists to do the same.

  • Vision Core Lab

    Providing shared instrumentation, expertise, and services to NEI funded vision scientists at UW

  • UW Medicine

    Bringing together innovations from clinical expertise and research across many disciplines to diagnose, treat, and prevent vision disorders. 

South lake Union

South Lake Union Phase 3.1
850 Republican Street, Seattle, Washington