Dr. Solomon was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He then spent 4 years in Cambridge, Massachusetts earning a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Biochemical Sciences and a secondary concentration in East Asian Studies. After graduating, he spent 6 months studying abroad in Shanghai, China, and then joined a Neurobiology lab studying Retinal Neurochemistry at the University of California Los Angeles where he did research for 3 years. This experience allowed him to explore a lifelong intellectual interest in vision science, and when he subsequently attended the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine he found Clinical Ophthalmology to be equally engaging and rewarding. He then went on to complete his internship in Long Beach at St Mary’s Medical Center, and is excited to learn from and serve the Pacific Northwest community during his Ophthalmology Residency. In his free time, Dr. Solomon enjoys reading fiction and science fiction/fantasy, playing and composing on guitar, and Japanese art history, culture, and animation.

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