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Welcome to Ophthalmology Residency website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our program!

We offer an ACGME fully-accredited program that provides outstanding training in the Pacific Northwest. Our residents are involved in the care of a wide variety of complex medical and surgical ophthalmic conditions at a broad range of sites: The Eye Institute at Harborview (EI), The 4 West Clinic at Harborview (HMC), The Seattle VA, The American Lake VA, Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH), The Karalis Johnson Retina Center (KJRC), and the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). Our residents benefit from the wide referral network that the University of Washington has established in the WWAMI region (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho), enabling them to see both routine and highly complex patients.

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Rotation Schedule

PGY-1 Year: Joint Internship with Department of Internal Medicine with 3 Months of Ophthalmology

  • Internal medicine rotations include: general medicine, oncology, emergency medicine, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, pathology
  • Ophthalmology rotations include: comprehensive ophthalmology, consults, and research

PGY-2 Year:

  • HMC Consults (inpatient and ED consults)
  • Night Float (overnight call with additional time for research)
  • UWMC (comprehensive and subspecialty ophthalmology, inpatient and ED consults)
  • EI Neuro-ophthalmology
  • EI Oculoplastics

PGY-3 Year:

  • EI Cornea
  • EI/KJRC Retina/Oncology/Uveitis
  • EI Glaucoma
  • SCH Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
  • VA Cataract

PGY-4 Year:

  • VA Cataract/Glaucoma
  • VA Retina/Oculoplastics
  • VA American Lake Cataract and Madigan Refractive Surgery
  • HMC Surgical Rotation
  • HMC Chief Rotation


The UW GME offers competitive salaries and benefits. Please see the GME Prospective Residents and Fellows page for details of residency appointments and benefits at-a-glance.


Where do our graduated residents go?

  • Class of 2022

    • Pediatric fellowship, University of Washington

    • Cornea fellowship, UCSF

    • Cornea fellowship, Minnesota

    • Neuro-ophthalmology fellowship, UCLA

    • Comprehensive, Ohio State


  • Class of 2021

o    Pediatric fellowship, OHSU

o    Oculoplastics fellowship, Allure Laser Center & Medispa

o    Neuro-ophthalmology fellowship, CHOP

o    Retina fellowship, St. Louis

o    Glaucoma Fellowship, Duke

  •         Class of 2020

o    Cornea fellowship, Bascom/U Miami

o    Cornea fellowship, Northwestern

o    Glaucoma fellowship, OHSU

o    Comprehensive, Oregon

o    Comprehensive, California

  •         Class of 2019

o    Retina fellowship, St. Louis

o    Pediatric fellowship, CHOP

o    Pediatric fellowship, Kellogg/Michigan

o    Comprehensive, Eastern Washington

o    Comprehensive, U of Washington

  •          Class of 2018

o    Oculoplastics fellowship, Baylor

o    Glaucoma fellowship, UCLA

o    Cornea fellowship, Wash U

o    Pediatric fellowship, Kellogg/Michigan

o    Retina fellowship, UW

  •         Class of 2017

o    Cornea fellowship, USC/Doheny

o    Cornea fellowship, UW

o    Pediatric fellowship, Kellogg/Michigan

o    Glaucoma fellowship, OHSU

o    Comprehensive, U of AZ

  •          Class of 2016

o    Cornea fellowship, Duke

o    Glaucoma fellowship, UCSF

o    Glaucoma fellowship, U of Iowa

o    Retina fellowship, Arizona

o    Oculoplastics fellowship, Indiana U/U of Louisville

  •         Class of 2015

o    Uveitis fellowship, UW

o    Retina fellowship, Wash U

o    Glaucoma fellowship, Bascom/U Miami

o    Comprehensive, California

o    Comprehensive, Indiana

  •          Class of 2014

o    Glaucoma fellowship, Duke

o    Uveitis fellowship, UW

o    Comprehensive, Illinois

o    Comprehensive, Minnesota

  •          Class of 2013

o    Cornea fellowship, UCSF

o    Cornea fellowship, UC Davis

o    Comprehensive, Seattle, Washington

o    ORBIS


Applications to the residency program are made through the Ophthalmology Matching Program organized by the San Francisco Match. Selected candidates are invited for an interview and tour in the fall.

We are committed to recruiting underrepresented minorities and other applicants of diverse backgrounds.  We believe diversity builds a robust residency program and allows us to better connect with our increasingly diverse patient population. Our department values diversity, equity, and inclusion, including race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, pregnancy and parental status.

Learn more about the Network of Underrepresented Residents and Fellows.

Eligibility Recruitment and Selection Policy

Parisa Taravati, M.D.
Residency program director






Program Information

  • Program Director
    Parisa Taravati, MD
    Associate Professor
    Residency Program Director
    Robert E. Kalina, MD, Endowed Professor for Ophthalmology Education

    Clinical Sites:
    UW Medicine Eye Institute, Harborview Medical Center Clinic, UWMC
  • Education Manager
    Myduyen Ngo

Life in Seattle

Visit the Quality of Life in Seattle page to learn about everything Puget Sound has to offer.

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