This marks the second year of our new ophthalmology curriculum being taught in the “Mind, Brain, and Behavior Course” for second-year medical students.  The curriculum was developed by Dr. Courtney Francis and has been well-received by the medical students.  As part of this new curriculum, several faculty members give a lecture followed by small group sessions.  We hope this course will spark additional medical student interest in ophthalmology.

We welcomed five new residents to our program this July, and they have been doing a wonderful job thus far.  Meet our current residents here.  With the addition of the American Lake VA rotation to our residency program, our surgical numbers have greatly increased and further strengthened our surgical training program.  We have a record number of surgical wet labs planned for this upcoming year, covering orbital dissection, keratoplasty, vitrectomy, phacoemulsification, strabismus surgery, and glaucoma surgery.

We have a full complement of fellows this year, including our inaugural cornea fellow.  Their biographies are here.  We have also received approval for a second retina fellow and have already interviewed candidates for this position. 

Finally, we welcomed a new member of our education team this year, Joshua Nelson, who serves as our Education Coordinator.  Karynne Tsuruda, our Education Manager, has just completed her first year with our department and has done an excellent job helping run not only the residency program, but all of the fellowship programs.

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