• Feb272020

    Wei Li, PhD
    Senior Investigator, Retinal Neurophysiology Section
    National Eye Institute

    Time: 1:30 pm, Thursday
    Feb 27, 2020

    Location: SLU C Building, Orin Smith Auditorium

    To schedule an appointment please email Dr. Maureen Neitz.

    The retinal neurophysiology section studies the structure and function of retinal synapses and circuits. Dr. Li’s group

    • exploit a combination of anatomical, physiological, and imaging approaches to study synaptic connectivity using in vitro slice and flat-mount preparations of the ground squirrel retina. This is an excellent model system to study cone vision, as the ground squirrel is one of the rare mammals whose retina is cone-dominated and resembles the fovea of human retina.
    • Studies synaptic alteration and adaptation in the ground squirrel retina during hibernation - another unique feature of the ground squirrel.
    • investigates bioenergetics of the retina with a focus on cone photoreceptor mitochondria structure, function and dynamics.


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