The primary objective of Core Grants for Vision Research is to provide groups of investigators who have achieved independent National Eye Institute (NEI) funding with additional, shared support to enhance their own and their institution's capability for conducting vision research. Secondary objectives of this program include facilitating collaborative studies and attracting other scientists to research on the visual system.

The Vision Core Lab is providing shared instrumentation, expertise, and services to NEI funded vision scientists at UW.

The Vision Core Grant is comprised of three modules, each of which offers shared instrumentation, and module scientists to help investigators. The Cellular Module includes a JEOL 1230 TEM, Olympus FV1000 Confocal microscope, a Nikon Widefield microscope, and coming soon, a serial block face scanning electron microscope (Gatan 3View and Sigma VP SEM). The Systems Module includes a shared electrophysiology rig, ERG instrumentation, a Micron II fundus Imaging system for mice, and a RetCamII imaging system for animal research. The Molecular Module includes a custom antibody making service, help with immunohistochemistry, intraocular injection equipment, and access to several specialty centrifuges.

Vision Science Research Faculty & Associates

Susan E Brockerhoff, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Biochemistry)

Ethan Buhr, PhD

Research Assistant Professor (Ophthalmology)

John I. Clark, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Biological Structure)

Jennifer Chao, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor (Ophthalmology)

Ione Fine, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Psychology)

Anita Hendrickson, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Jim Hurley, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Biochemistry)

Dirk Keene, MD, PhD

Adjunct Professor, (Pathology)

Murray Johnstone, MD

Clinical Professor (Ophthalmology)

John P. Kelly, PhD

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Aaron Lee, MD, MSc

Assistant Professor (Ophthalmology)

Cecilia Lee, MD, MS

Assistant Professor (Ophthalmology)

Michael Manookin, PhD

Assistant Professor (Ophthalmology)

Ann Milam, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Mike Mustari, PhD

Research Affiliate, Center on Human Development and Disability

Jay F. Neitz, PhD

Bishop Professor, Ophthalmology

Maureen E. Neitz, PhD

Ray Hill Professor, Ophthalmology

Roberta Pagon, MD

Adjunct Professor (Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics)

Kathryn Pepple, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor (Ophthalmology)

Thomas A. Reh, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Biological Structure)

Frederick M. Rieke, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Physiology and Biophysics)

John C. Saari, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Ramkumar Sabesan, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Tueng T. Shen, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Russell Van Gelder, MD, PhD

Boyd K. Bucey Professor and Chair

Ruikang “Ricky” Wang, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Bioengineering)

Rachel Wong, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Biological Structure)

Jing Zhang, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Neuropathology)