Dr Dini is a UW alumni and joined the UWP team May 2016. She is a Washington Native. She has practiced in many clinical settings including hospital setting, private eye clinics, commercial optical and HMO.

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Undergraduate Education:        BS, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1993

Optometry School:                       OD, Pacific University College of Optometry,

                                                             Forest Grove, OR, 1997

Dr. Dini specializes in CL fits, CVS and dry eye.

Primary Clinical Office


UW Neighborhood Ravenna Clinic - Primary Care and Urgent Care Services

4915 25th Ave. NE, #300W

Seattle, WA 98105

Clinic Phone: 206-525-7777

Clinic Fax: 206-520-1899


Additional Offices


Eyes on James Optical Shop

Harborview Medical Center

908 Jefferson St., Ground Floor

(Corner of James and Terry)

Clinic Phone: 206-897-4774

Clinic Fax: 206-897-4939




Comprehensive Eye Exams
Computer Vision Syndrome [CVS]
Dry eye
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury [mTBI]
Visual Issues