Department of Ophthalmology
Our Labs

Within the Department of Ophthalmology, there are more than 22,000 square feet of dedicated lab space
located primarily at UW South Lake Union Research Campus.

  • buhr lab
    Buhr Lab

    Timing of physiological events within the retina itself.

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  • Cabrera Lab

    Investigating retinal imaging to prevent blindnes in premature infants.

  • J. Chao
    Chao Lab

    Investigating stem cell application in vision restoration.

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  • eyepath
    Eye Path Lab

    Research, Educational Programs, and Clinical Pathology

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  • Johnstone
    Johnstone Lab

    Glaucoma pressure control solutions through tissue morphology and biomechanics studies.

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  • lee lab
    Lee Lab

    Developing Artificial Intelligent algorithms and mining Big Data for ophthalmology.

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  • manookin
    Manookin Lab

    Structure and function of neural circuits within the retina and developing techniques for treating blindness.

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  • Neitz-lab
    The Neitz Labs

    Genetic tests and treatments for vision disorders, and study of the retinal circuitry for vision.

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  • lee lab
    Pepple Lab

    Investigating the role of the immune system in ocular inflammation and anti-inflammatory treatments for uveitis.

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  • lee lab
    Sabesan Lab

    Investigating photoreceptors and their ensuing neural circuits.

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  • T. Shen
    Shen Lab

    Developing innovative solutions to treat global blindness. 

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  • Dr. Van Gelder
    Van Gelder Lab

    Developing photochemical methods to treat blindness.

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  • vision core
    Vision Core Lab

    Instrumentation, expertise, and services for NEI funded vision scientists at UW.

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Our work would not be possible without the contributions from federal funding agencies and donations from people like you.