• Mar152018

    Joan and Gordon Bergy Lecture: Calcium homeostasis in mammalian photoreceptors

    Vladimir Kefalov, PhD
    Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
    Washington University in St. Louis

    Time: TBD, Thursday
    March 15, 2018

    Location: TBD

    To schedule an appointment please email Dr. Maureen Neitz.

    Dr. Kefalov studies photoreceptor neurobiology and retinal degeneration. He is interested in the mechanisms of light and dark adaptation, and in pharmacological treatments for retinal degeneration.  He...

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  • Jan42018

    Sidney Futterman Memorial Lecture in Vision Science: Nanoscale imaging of rods and retinal ciliopathies

    Theodore Wensel, PhDRobert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyBaylor College of Medicine

    January 4, 2018, Time and Location: SLU D Brotman Auditorium

    Dr. Wensel’s lab studies transducin interactions with membranes. This work is focused on understanding the structural and mechanistic bases of two key steps: activation of the heterotrimeric G protein, transducin, by photoactivated rhodopsin (R*), through accelerated...

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  • Dec142017

    Joan and Gordon Bergy Lecture: Dopamine, Circadian Clocks, and Visual Function & Dysfunction

    P. Michael Iuvone, PhD
    Sylvia Montag and Frank W. Ferst Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Research
    Emory University

    Time: 1-2 pm, Thursday
    December 14, 2017

    Location: SLU C Orin Smith Auditorium

    To schedule an appointment please email Dr. Maureen Neitz.

    Dr. Iuvone studies the organization of retinal circadian clock networks and their impact on visual function and dysfunction. His lab focuses on...

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  • Dec122017

    Against the Odds

    Wendy Chapman was an impossibility. At least, that’s what ophthalmology researcher Jay Neitz, Ph.D., thought.

    When Neitz heard that Chapman was color-blind in just one eye — had been born that way — he was skeptical. Hundreds of years of research indicated that her case couldn’t and shouldn’t exist. But still, Neitz wondered, could Chapman be the one in a million he had been searching for all these years? Read more about this inspiring story at...

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  • Dec112017

    Frank Bret's Amazing Century

    Frank Bret remembers the Gestapo officer, unyielding and proud, as if it were yesterday. It was the late 1930s, and Czechoslovakia was occupied by Nazi Germany.

    “We plan to be here for 1,000 years,” the officer told him. And he and his men refused to give Bret — under compulsory service in the Czech air force — an exit visa.

    When Bret fled to Poland, and then to France, seeking to be of military service, the German occupation followed him. He then made his way across Europe,...

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  • Oct252017

    The Dream of a World-class Center

    Roger H. Johnson, M.D., was legendary. A clinical faculty member and professor emeritus, he put his patients above everything else, and he was a mentor and researcher who never stopped learning. His wife, Angie Karalis Johnson, reflecting the couple’s interest in eliminating the scourge of macular degeneration and other conditions, has just established the Roger H. and Angie Karalis Johnson Retina Center at the UW Medicine Eye Institute. Read more about the center and their inspiring story...

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  • Sep282017

    Joan and Gordon Bergy Lecture: High-resolution imaging of the chorioretinal complex

    Jack Werner, PhD
    Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
    UC Davis

    10 am, Thursday
    September 28, 2017

    UW Health Sciences, K069

    To schedule an appointment please email Dr. Maureen Neitz.

    Dr. Werner studies the neurophysiological computations and mechanisms that mediate human vision, particularly changes in color and spatial vision across the life span and in association with retinal and optic nerve disease....

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  • Aug172017

    Celebrating the life of James L. Hargiss, MD

    It is with a heavy heart that I'd like to inform our Department of the passing of James L. Hargiss, MD, charter fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Chairman of Education Committee from 1972-1978, and 2006 Honoree of The ASOPRS Foundation .

    He was 96 years young when he passed away 2 weeks ago. Apparently he is as humble in passing as he was while alive as we were unaware of his passing until just recently. No obituary was posted and no...

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  • Apr212017

    Joan and Gordon Bergy Lecture: Diverse glycinergic receptor subunits & retinal ganglion cell visual function

    Maureen McCall, PhD
    Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences
    University of Louisville

    4 pm, Friday
    April 21, 2017

    UW Health Sciences, K069

    To schedule an appointment please email Dr. Maureen Neitz.

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  • Mar72017

    Celebrating the life of Anita Hendrickson, PhD

    After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University where she later would be named Alumna of the Year, Anita Hendrickson earned a Ph. D. from the Department of Biological Structure of the University of Washington followed by postdoctoral training in Chicago and Seattle. She joined the faculty of the newly founded Department of Ophthalmology as an instructor and rose to the rank of Professor of Ophthalmology and then Chair of Biological Structure, the first woman to chair a basic science...

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