Uveitis and Ocular Inflammation

Uveitis is inflammation inside your eye. Uveitis can cause problems like pain, redness, and vision loss. Uveitis can damage the part of the eye called the uvea, but it often affects other parts of the eye, too. Sometimes uveitis goes away quickly, but it can come back. And sometimes, it is a chronic condition. It can affect one eye or both eyes. Treatment of uveitis requires expertise in the use of immune-modulating and immunosuppressive medications.

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Patient Care Faculty Members


Cecilia Lee, MD, MS

Professor; Klorfine Family Endowed Chair; Director of Clinical Research


Thellea Leveque, MD, MPH

Clinical Professor; Division Director, Comprehensive Ophthalmology


Kathryn Pepple, MD, PhD

Associate Professor; Division Director, Uveitis; Director, Uveitis Fellowship


Miel Sundararajan, MD

Assistant Professor


Russell N. Van Gelder, MD, PhD

Boyd K. Bucey Memorial Professor And Chair, UW Medicine Department of Ophthalmology; Director, Roger and Angie Karalis Johnson Retina Center; Director, UW Vision Science Center

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